Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Precious in her name

elegant in her movement

she sprouts as you learn to love one another

giggly in her appearance

happy to see you

curly noodle hair

bouncing so pretty

around her perfectly molded face

elegant in her movement

sweet in her touch

compassion in her love

she has known more than you may think

but you wouldn’t know

because she is secret

and elegant

in her movement

but learn to love her deep

and she will love you deeper

a wonder to love

a blessing to us all

as she is

elegant in her movement



Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

I am having one of those nights again

except it is harder to escape

I am a little worried because I feel everything

like a knot in my chest

and it is getting so very tight

but I cannot cry

I have had a hard time crying lately

it just doesn’t seem to work

and I don’t know why

I want to

but it is like

I am somehow

not letting


I think I am ready to run away

I need this time to myself

So many things I will miss

but I gotta figure out my own head

for a little

while loving those who make life sparkle

from afar

because it is another one of those nights

that I can’t seem to get control over



Amelie Bauer

Pervious Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper and named number two student journalist in CO 2021. Writes poems, life lessons, and personal opinions.